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Maji is an app that rewards you when you spend at one of our participating merchants’ outlet. It is free to sign up as a member and every time when you make a payment to one of our participating merchants via your preferred payment method, you will instantly get rewarded with Maji points. With Maji points, you can use it for your next purchase or redeem products at our upcoming marketplace. Not only you can be a member, you can also refer friends or merchants and earn additional Maji points. This will bring you more rewards and it is the best reward program you can find

Imaji is an online shopping destination that offers an opportunity for millions of merchants and consumers to connect across the Southeast Asia region. We want our customer to experience an effortless shopping experience and our merchants to access to a large regional customer base.<br><br><br>

We want to be an ecosystem.
We want to empower others to sell, empower others to service, making sure that other people are more powerful than us.
Inspired by Jack Ma

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